I'm Jordyn.

Last care package for Jacob’s deployment.  Kept it simple with decorations and I just filled it with as much random, snacky, junk food/candy as I could haha
Hot Coco packets (in a to go cup)Peanut M&MsRegular M&Ms Mint M&MsDark Chocolate ReesesPistachios (regular and garlic flavors)York Peppermint PattiesSixletsSalted Nut RollsHershey BarsCandy Buttons (yes the kind on paper lol)Sour Patch KidsHot TomalesHickory Farms Box (Cheese, Sausage, Crackers, Jelly, Mustard)An anti bordom box that has travel checkers and such for the ride home 
  • 3 January 2013
  • 41